Enrollment Marketing Focused on Your Goals

  • Student Search
  • Application Marketing
  • Deposit/Yield Marketing
  • List Services

Your success is all that matters at Two Ocean. As the marketing services extension of MARKETview, we’re committed to achieving your specific recruitment and application goals by using proprietary data to uncover the critical elements needed to reach your enrollment objectives.

We then monitor your progress and, as needed, work with you to make any adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing programs, including Student Search, Application, and Deposit/Yield campaigns.

MARKETview is centered on developing a deep understanding of the specific goals of our partner institutions and helping them achieve enrollment success using higher education’s only aggregated and real-time student data set.

Updated and delivered daily, all data is organized at the student-record level and standardized across institutions, providing clear and actionable steps that our partners can use to make better, more informed enrollment, marketing, and financial aid decisions.