Achieving Enrollment Goals by Putting Students First

Two Ocean Education Partners puts students first to help partner colleges and universities build more meaningful relationships with learners. We use MARKETview, a specialized data platform, to inform every communication to engage students and promote the school’s most relevant benefits. This highly customized approach builds trust and confidence in the students receiving our messaging, which helps colleges and universities increase applications and enrollment among the students they want most.

Two Ocean creates custom multi-channel programs of highly personalized communications to generate affinity and maintain interest in your school. Our comprehensive approach to building relationships is data-informed, always-on, and both adaptive and responsive to your students’ behavior, leading students to a deeper connection to your school – and their future place within it.

Two Ocean partners with MARKETview clients to leverage their data to observe, react to, and influence student behavior, at the student-record level, and across your competitor set – to observe and react to student behavior. With this proprietary student-record level dataset, we find insights that cannot be found any other way. Speaking to students with such personalization leads to unparalleled student attention and engagement, encouraging them to apply and ultimately enroll.

Your goals are ambitious, and they extend far beyond communications and campaigns. Because Two Ocean manages the year-round development of your relationships with future students, your team will have time to focus on personal outreach, on-campus events, and other critical initiatives that support your goals. This year-round partnership enables you to prioritize your actions in concert with the highest-impact activities on campus.

The enrollment landscape is evolving quickly, and student behaviors are changing every day. You need a nimble partner who can identify, anticipate, and quickly respond to those changes to position you for success. Two Ocean adapts your messaging to the changing market by analyzing data in real-time to best support the goals that are critical to your mission.