Our Services

Two Ocean enrollment marketing engages and supports high school students and their parents, transfer students, and other specialty audiences throughout their process of searching for, applying to, and selecting a college.
  • Student Search
  • Application Marketing
  • Deposit/Yield Marketing
  • Custom Applications

Data Driven

Visibility and flexibility

The market is constantly evolving, and to achieve your goals, you know you need to adapt and evolve with it. Our programs support ongoing engagement with the required flexibility to pivot when data insights surface a strategic opportunity to do so. Cross-channel analytics allow us to quickly evaluate ROI and ensure you stay agile in the face of changing market preferences or organizational needs.

Smarter solutions, backed by data

With total visibility through MARKETview data across student demographics, behavioral trends, and industry performance, we possess a full and complete view of the marketplace that cannot be replicated. Regular testing, data monitoring, and expert analysis equip us to implement solutions for your organization while optimizing performance.

New opportunities

Real-time data insights enable us to anticipate and identify new opportunities, which means you can develop your class in response to what’s happening across the industry. When something changes, our data tells us – putting us ahead of the trend so you can better serve student needs.


Your voice, your brand

The best way to stand out is by showing students who you are and why your college is special. Two Ocean creates content to do just that. We know your brand is valuable in attracting the right students who will thrive at your school – and we will ensure it is omni-present at every touchpoint.

Consistency across messages

Wherever a student sees you – on campus, online, or in an email or ad – the experience should be cohesive and strengthen their desire to learn more. We ensure this consistency across all content and create a uniform experience that complements what you offer on campus.


Segmented audiences

Segmented messages make for more relevant communications with different audiences—As inquiry volumes fall nationwide, it is now more important than ever to reach the right students with the right message. With MARKETview data, we can easily locate these optimal audiences and focus on the areas with the highest likelihood of application and enrollment.

Messages that matter

In a world overflowing with messages, students and families seek compelling, helpful communications. We ensure your communications are tailored to the unique needs of a student and their family – so much so that your school becomes a trusted resource in their college journey.

Delivered where they are, when they’re active

No two students are the same. We design experiences that invite students to learn about you in diverse ways to ensure you are consistently present when (and how) they are ready to meet you.

Outcome Oriented

Your goals are our goals

Our entire focus is on helping you to succeed. We take time to listen and undertake careful planning to ensure we understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. We view ourselves as a proud extension of your team, providing recommendations that serve our shared interest of success.

Organizational assessment

MARKETview data considers your school’s performance within the broader market – against competitors, within cohorts, and in relation to the marketplace as a whole – to inform how to best optimize your performance.

Strategic plans

We know there are many ways you’ll evaluate your success each year. Our onboarding process ensures that we are aligned with your strategic goals – whether that’s growing your class, focusing on new markets, better engaging existing markets, improving net tuition revenue, or all of the above.